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What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the modern solutions to hair loss. In scalp micropigmentation, the patient's scalp receives tiny black dots with an electric tattoo device, which will exactly look like trimmed hair. With zero risk factors, scalp micropigmentation is a feasible option for anyone facing any type of hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation cost

Various factors make scalp micropigmentation popular among contemporary hair loss solutions. Since the process requires a long time, the cost of scalp micropigmentation can cost you other non-surgical hair loss remedies. Scalp micropigmentation will cost you around 20000 rupees at our hair treatment center in Trichur.

Scalp micropigmentation cost in India

As a popular hair loss remedy in India, scalp micropigmentation tends to cost you more than other hair loss treatments such as PRP. You can expect scalp micropigmentation cost in India around 20000 rupees.

Scalp micropigmentation with hair Treatment

Scalp micropigmentation is an ultramodern solution for those who worry because of bald heads. The biggest advantage of scalp micropigmentation is that even people with no hair to compromise for a hair transplant can go for a scalp micropigmentation. A combo of scalp mocropigmentation for the bald patch and a suitable hair treatment like PRP for existing hair is the best-suggested hair treatment option if you suffer the same.

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