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Eye Brow Transplant

The fuller and natural eyebrows makes the face looks beautiful. The eyebrow transplant therapy serves as the permanent way of restoring the hairs of eyebrows. The eyebrow hair transplant can be of with any reason, be it some accident or hereditary. With our confident medical team we are feeling proud by offering the facility of eyebrow hair transplant.

The Procedure The donor area is prepared. For this treatment the hairs are taken from directly behind the ears. The hairs taken out from the donor area and carefully transplanted to the recipient area. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and patients will comfortably fall asleep while carrying out the transplant.


Less time consuming.

Less traumatic.

Less invasive No Cut.

No pain.

No bleeding.

No Stitches.

No scalpels.

Minimal graft death owing to storage conditions giving 100% results.

Quick Recovery.

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