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Eyelash Hair Transplant

Approx. Rs 40,000 / side. Eyelash hair transplantation is also known as eyelash implant. It is a new procedure that was used for the treatment of eyelids that are without eyelashes. This can be due to any reason, be it genetics, alopecia or trauma. The procedure is also carried out on people who already have eyelashes for the thickening and enhancing the appearance of eyelashes.

The hairs that are to be grafted comes from the scalp and need to be trimmed once in a month as these hairs tends to grow. The eyelash hair transplant is a delicate procedure that require perfect placement. These are to be angled at right direction and at right position.


The procedure involves the placement of hairs into each upper eyelid. This placement depends upon the desired size and density of hairs. The procedure is of two hours and is performed under the mild oral.


Less time consuming.

Less traumatic.

Less invasive No Cut.

No pain.

No bleeding.

No Stitches.

No scalpels.

Minimal graft death owing to storage conditions giving 100% results.

Quick Recovery.

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