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Moustache Hair Transplant

Beard Transplant

The fuller and natural Beard Transplant makes the face looks beautiful. The Beard Transplant serves as the permanent way of restoring the hairs of face. The Beard Transplant can be of with any reason, be it some accident or hereditary. With our confident medical team we are feeling proud by offering the facility of Beard Transplant.

The Procedure The donor area is prepared. For this treatment the hairs are taken from directly behind the ears. The hairs taken out from the donor area and carefully transplanted to the recipient area. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and patients will comfortably fall asleep while carrying out the transplant.


Less time consuming.

Less traumatic.

Less invasive No Cut.

No pain.

No bleeding.

No Stitches.

No scalpels.

Minimal graft death owing to storage conditions giving 100% results.

Quick Recovery.

Beard Transplant costs

On an average, beard transplant costs in Kerala start from Rs. 40,000/ per beard. The cost may change based on a number of factors, such as the reason for the hair loss, the number of grafts required, the clinic's facilities, the method of treatment, the plastic surgeon’s experience, etc

Beard transplant before and after

before and after beard transplant results in Dr.pais Hair Grow Clinic


How much does a full beard transplant cost?

The cost of a facial hair transplant depends on the number of hairs transplanted and the patient's specific needs.

Can I get a hair transplant to grow a beard?

Beard hair transplantation is a procedure that restores hair growth to areas of the face where it is thin or nonexistent. This surgical procedure can be done on the cheeks, beard, sideburns, goatee, and moustache regions

Can beard transplant fail?

Failure of a beard transplant is rare, and it typically happens as a result of improper donor area harvesting. This is why selecting a skilled hair restoration surgeon is crucial and worth paying more for.

Is beard transplant successful?

Beard transplants are the most effective method of stimulating facial hair growth, with years of proven results. We use your own hair to produce realistic results. Furthermore, both the surgery and healing process are relatively quick and mostly painless.

How painful is beard transplant?

The majority of our beard hair transplant surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures under local anaesthesia, so you will only feel minor discomfort. Beard transplants are generally painless procedures, though you might experience a little swelling or redness for a few days after the procedure.

Is a beard transplant safe?

When performed by our skilled surgeon, beard transplant surgery is a safe procedure that produces excellent results

What is the best age for beard transplant?

Transplanting your beard when you're 25 won't cause any harm. If you have a little more patience, however, your facial hair will probably thicken naturally as you get closer to the age of 27.

How many grafts do I need for a full beard?

In general, 2,500 to 3,000 grafts are needed for a full beard transplant. Depending on their individual goals, the patient might need extra hair grafts for their sidelocks and moustache.

Can you get a full beard transplant?

Beard hair transplantation is a procedure that restores hair to areas of the face where it is thin or missing. This surgical procedure can be done on the cheeks, beard, sideburns, and goatee and moustache regions. Acne scars and other types of facial scars can be hidden with the help of facial hair transplants.

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