Why You Should Go For A Beard Transplant ?

Beard Transplant

A perfect beard is the last word for your masculinity. Having a well-groomed beard gives you added confidence in all realms. It can also increase the perception of a grown-up or a much responsible person. So, the importance of a beard is endless in a human’s life.

It is such a pathetic condition when you experience slower hair growth on your face. Facial hair growth must grow in a thick and bushy way, in order to get a perfect look. The lack of beard and slower growth can be really a concern. Especially, if you experience this after a longer period. In the opinion of the International Society for hair restoration surgery, there is a substantial increase from 1.5 percentage of beard surgeries performed in 2012 to 3.7 percentage in 2014.

But, there is still a ray of hope for you. As science and technology flourish at a frequent pace and advanced remedies are there for you. One of the best and result oriented remedies is to undergo a beard transplant.

beard transplant

So, What is a beard surgery?

Beard transplantation in simple words, they transplant hairs from your backhead(usually) and graft in the beard areas. In the beard transplant, hairs are taken from one place to another part of your body and grafted on your beard. Approximately, 2000 hairs are transplanted for a thicker look. Getting a natural look is possible with a beard transplant. Some surgeons use two hair strands per graft for perfection. They are more effective and has a great amount of recognition among men. An eight-hour sitting can really transform your look. Transplanting hair may take little time as hairs are plucked one at a time by using the FUE technique. A follicular unit transfer is used for hair removal. It is invisible to the naked eye and tiny incisions assure less pain.

This is usually done by skilled and veteran trichologists. The job really needs extra care as the direction of hair growth must be accurate. Surgeons took special attention when grafting hair roots. It is a less evasive and highly effective way of restoring facial hair. It gradually ensures hair growth and will give you that bushy facial look. The bruises are relatively small and so the pain. The only thing, you have to compensate for some part of your hair for grafting

When undergoing a hair transplant, you might feel on cloud nine in the hope of seeing new sprouting hairs. But, the first thing you would witness will be hair loss and slower hair growth. Patience wins the game. This is partly because of the new change made on your physique. New hair will sprout within three weeks time.

The advantages of having a beard transplant are many. Some of them are listed. Like these advantages, it has other perspectives too. Like it is sometimes an expensive treatment. Some doctors may charge you per grafting or each session. The consulting differs from doctor to doctor. The foremost thing is, you must ensure you get the best hair treatment for your unique condition. The next thing you need much patience for desired results.

beard transplant

  1. Less time consuming
  2. No cuts
  3. No bleeding
  4. No stitches
  5. No scalpels
  6. Quick recovery
  7. Minimal graft death result in 100% results

So, undergoing a beard transplant is worth of effort and money. The look and completion of your face will flow in your behavior. You might have to experience excessive hair fall or starting signs of bald. Normal hair fall is not an issue to consider, but as the density of hair fall increases, it becomes a serious concern. Without having a second thought, you can go for a beard transplant. The most important thing to consider here will be to determine the best place for beard surgery. Veteran doctors always provide your envisioned manlier look with their expertise. One of the best trichology clinic in Thrissur, Dr Pai’s hair grow clinic offers brighter results.

beard transplant

At, Dr Pai’s hair grow clinic we offer intensive care for beard transplants. We ensure you get the look in your mind. Our beard plantation services offer perfect look like natural. It never looks shabby or doll-faced. We understand the emotional and aesthetic value associated with a beard. Thus, we care for you in the most advanced manner. Our surgeons ensure accurate and apt grafting of hair roots. Grabbing a perfect, natural look is secure in our hands. Get that manlier and responsible look for your face with our beard and moustache transplant.

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