What Stage Should You Get a Hair Transplant

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Are you thinking about getting a hair transplant in Kerala?

If you have been experiencing balding, then you must have definitely considered this. But, do you know when should you prefer it?

This is what we will tell you about in this blog.

Before we dive into hair transplant & all those measures, let us first come to know whether you are balding or not. Since hair transplant procedure is expensive and should be the last resort if all else fails. Even though the cost is high, the results are worth the pay. This is why hair transplant is much popular among people.

The Receding stage

This is the obvious stage where you have started to notice about your hair fall. Not all hair fall or front hairline changes lead to baldness. Your hairline is maturing which is common for all men.

This usually happens during the ages of 17-29. Even if you are not suffering from male pattern baldness, your front hairline will change. Once the change is complete, you get a mature hairline which is actually healthy & normal.

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To clear the doubts, there is a way to know if your hair receding causes baldness. All you have to do is wrinkle your forehead first. After that measure the distance of your hairline from the highest forehead wrinkle.

If the gap is in the range of 1-1.5cm, you are having a mature hairline else if the range is above 1.5cm, you are balding.

The Ultimate solution

So you did the test and confirmed it is balding. It’s alright, there’s nothing to worry about because there is baldness treatment. But you still opted for hair transplant, but, there are some things you must know.

baldness treatment

As mentioned above, the procedure is costly which means that you should be enough funds. The second thing is that the procedure does not work if you are completely bald. Unfortunately, if you are bald, then wearing a hat will be more appropriate.

This is a treatment that takes time to get long term results. If you are looking for fast results, then hair transplant is not for you. Also, within the first few weeks, the transplanted hair falls off. This is normal and this gives way for new hair to grow. The noticeable results will occur within 6 to 8 months.

Is this the right time?

Although there is no specified age limit, it is better to do when your hair loss is stable. If your hair fall has started recently or you are very young, the hair loss won’t be stable. Doing the procedure during this time will only speed up the procedure.

You must know that the hair transplant procedure doesn’t stop hair loss progression. Hence, it is ideal to do the procedure once your hair fall becomes more stable. If you are not sure about that

The Types

Hair transplant is usually done via two methods which are FUT & FUE. The latter is currently the preferred method for hair restoration. In FUT, a strip of skin is first taken from donor areas. This is then split into individual grafts which the doctor transplant to the bald area.

FUE hair transplant in Kerala

In FUE, the hair follicles are first extracted from the donor areas that are the sides and back region of the head. After extraction, the doctor transfers the follicles to the balding area. What makes FUE hair transplant in Kerala better is that it leaves fewer scars & is less painful.

Getting it done from the advanced hair clinic

So now you know the appropriate time for doing the procedure, right?

But, what you don’t know is choosing the best place for the treatment. This is important as the treatment itself. With the popularity of hair transplant, there are many hair clinics established. When choosing the right place, you must consider several factors. This includes location, price, reputation, the experience of doctors, etc.

Luckily when it comes to considering all these factors, Dr Pais Hair clinic is the best there is. We have years of experience in providing hair transplant in Kerala.

What makes Dr Pai’s different from others

Being a reputed hair clinic, we have provided the best services for our customers. For that, our team consists of experienced professional doctors who take care of you. Your safety is our top priority when doing the treatment.

Advanced Hair Clinic

Apart from the hair transplant, we cater to a wider range of services. This includes PRP therapy, LTTE, Eyebrow Hair Restoration, Beard PRP, Skin whitening.


Getting a hair transplant is fine as long as you get it done from a reputed clinic like Dr Pais. Many customers have chosen our hair transplant & have become successful. The next one could be you & you can do this by making an appointment via our website.

For more information about our services please contact us on +91-9188778266. You can also send your queries to drpaishairgrow@gmail.com.

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