The Myths Of PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

We all lose our hair on a daily basis. This is quite normal because new hair grows in the place of the fallen ones. However, it becomes a noticeable issue if the hair loss is more than the formation of new hair strands.

<>PRP Treatment

Hair loss is something that cannot be accepted by most people and will try out different solutions that guarantee hair loss solution. There are many solutions for hair loss issues and among them, one such popular solution is the PRP therapy for hair.

In the present scenario, PRP therapy is gaining huge demand and popularity because it is a nonsurgical process that is considered safe. Even though it is considered safe, certain myths for the process exists

What is PRP

Before diving into the myths, we must first know about PRP and how the treatment is done.

PRP, short for Platelet Rich Plasma is a type of hair loss solution that involves injecting platelet-rich plasma on the areas of the scalp which facilitates hair growth. The platelets are separated from the blood which is taken from the body.

PRP Therapy For Hair

Therefore, the process is considered safe and does not use surgical tools for making incisions apart from few injections only. For more information on PRP hair therapy and its benefits, you can check out our blog right here.

The Myths

The existence of myths makes many people come out and opt for the procedure. These myths emerged mainly due to the lack of awareness among the common people or due to several misconceptions, various myths have emerged.

Here we describe and debunk each myth so that you are made clear about the procedure and its benefits. If you are that person who wants to do the procedure but afraid regarding the myths, then you must read this blog till the end.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Myth #1: PRP therapy is new

PRP treatment is not a new process. It was used as earlier in the 1970s and was used as a procedure for heart surgery in the year 1987. This treatment was claimed to be effective for athletes in the 1990’s. However, PRP hair treatment is relatively new and is considered safe.

Myth #2: It is completely risky

Well, this depends on the service that was done by the clinic. Although PRP is a safe procedure, you must ensure that you get the treatment at a reputable clinic by professionally certified doctors. Before the procedure, consult with the doctor and clear all your doubts regarding the procedure.

PRP therapy for hair
Myth #3: Treatment time is long

This is not true at all. A typical PRP therapy session lasts between 30–60 minutes which is actually short compared to other forms of hair care solutions. Even the recovery times are short such that you can resume your daily activities within the next day onwards.

Myth #4: Not suitable for old people

Age is only a number for getting PRP therapy for hair. The main reason for this misconception is that most of the people that opt for the procedure are in the age group between 20-42, as they are prone to more hair loss problems. There is no specific age limit for getting PRP treatment for your hair.

Even though there are many other myths, only the prominent myths are described here. The main reason for debunking these myths is to create awareness about this treatment and to clear the misconceptions about PRP and make people prefer this procedure for their hair loss issues.

Where to get it done

Once you have cleared your mind of these silly myths, the next step is to get your issue solved at a well-known hair clinic that has considerable years of experience in providing different types of hair loss remedies. When selecting the right hair clinic, you must be very cautious because the last thing you want to do is prefer the services offered by an inexperienced hair clinic.

Why Dr. Pais

Dr. Pais hair clinic was established with the prime objective to deliver quality hair loss solutions to different customers. We provide solutions to all types of hair loss issues through a variety of procedures such as hair transplants, PRP therapy, Beard PRP treatment, Low-Level Laser Technology (LLLT), Dermaroller treatment, etc.

Hair Transplant

Apart from providing hair care treatment, we also provide skin whitening treatments also. Our clinic is manned by professional and experienced doctors who are capable of treating your issues with utmost professionalism and ease.

If you are facing any sort of hair loss issues, don’t mind the myths. Come to Dr. Pais and avail the right treatment and see the results yourselves.

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