PRP Hair Restoration Treatment in 2020

PRP Hair Restoration

One of the most well-known and preferred hair care treatments is PRP or Plasma Rich Platelet Treatment. Even in 2020, the demand for PRP hair restoration treatment has increased. There’s a reason for that. It is because unlike other hair care treatments, PRP is a non-surgical procedure used for treating baldness by restoring hair.

Some people may not want any cuts on their heads. Luckily for them, PRP is the best option to choose from. The interesting thing about PRP therapy is that the required material for this process lies in our body.

Wait, what?

You might think but it is true. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy works by injecting concentrated plasma on the areas where there is balding. This concentrated plasma is extracted from the blood which is taken from your body. So, in simple terms, you are growing your lost hair using your own blood.

How Is It Done

The procedure is pretty simple and involves basically three processes that are extracting blood, separating the concentrated plasma and injecting them on to your head. The blood is taken from the arms mostly which is then placed into a centrifugal machine in order to take the next step.

The machine is spun at high speeds in order to separate the blood into three layers: platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells. Out of the three, the plasma rich plasma is chosen and the others are discarded. After this, the extracted plasma is injected into your scalp with a syringe. Pretty interesting as there are no cuts or grafting etc.

Can Everyone Benefit From  PRP hair restoration?

What makes PRP therapy this much popular is that people having ages between 18-72 can benefit from this procedure. This treatment is ideal for men & women. As we know that most hair restoration techniques are focused on men to an extent, a treatment like this is extremely beneficial for females too. Also, those who are suffering from androgenic alopecia or other forms of alopecia can be benefited from this treatment.

If you have lost hair due to stress issues, PRP therapy for hair is suitable for you. If your hair loss is recent, the better the chances the treatment will be for you. Therefore if you are facing hair loss, don’ t wait until you become completely bald as it won’t guarantee results.

As you know that PRP injections thicken, strengthen, and grow hair from follicles that are still functioning on your head. If you are fully bald, then the only option is to look for other alternatives.

Our Innovative Result

Now that you know a hair restoration solution that doesn’t involve cuts, there’s still something remaining, right?

Yes, there is. The right place must be chosen to get the procedure done. Due to the increasing popularity of PRP treatments all over the world, there are many hair clinics in Thrissur that offer this treatment. However, it is important to choose the right one as some of them may not be genuine or may provide low-quality treatment.

When choosing a clinic, several factors must be considered including well-experienced doctors, reputation, location, cost, etc. When it comes to all these, Dr. Pais’s hair clinic is the best out there among other clinics. Helmed by experienced doctors, we only provide the best quality hair loss treatments for our customers.

Our platelet-rich plasma treatment is widely known as hair care treatment and preferred by many reputed clients who have all got the best results within months.

The Services We Provide

What makes us the best among people is the wide range of hair care treatments we cater to. Apart from PRP therapy, our other services include hair transplantation, LLLT, Dermaroller treatment, Skin whitening, Beard PRP, Eyebrow transplantation, and more.

Having a large array of treatments, you can easily find the right one that suits you at our clinic. On availing our services, what you get is the effective services of a professional doctor at affordable prices.


Now, you have everything at your disposal, you know who to choose for your PRP treatment. Always make the right choice with Dr. Pais. If you want to know more details on our services and events, please do visit our website or drop us a call at  +91 9188 778 266 to book an appointment.

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