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Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair loss is something that is quite unacceptable for most of us. We all know what it’s like to lose hair. It makes us lose our confidence, self esteem and many emotional and psychological problems

For preventing hair loss, we try different types of procedures ranging from applying different types of oils, shampoos to hair transplantation procedure, which is expensive.

Sometimes procedures may show results to the customer but those methods may have to be continued throughout their life. Therefore people are always on the lookout for different methods that can solve their problems.

<>Platelet Rich Plasma

Here we describe one such method that is claimed to solve hair loss problems and it is the PRP treatment. Although prp therapy for hair loss is relatively new, it has been proven to be effective particularly for athletic injuries like Achilles tendons injuries, tennis elbow injuries and more.

So, without further delay, let us know what is PRP and how it is effective for hair loss treatment.

What is PRP?

Short for Platelet Rich Plasma, it is a type of non surgical process that involves injecting of platelets on areas of the scalp where there is hair thinning through a series of injections in order to grow your hair. The claim of PRP for hair care treatment has been a subject of debate in the medical field.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Even though PRP treatments are quite effective in treating athletic injuries, in the case of hair loss, It is scientifically claimed that PRP therapy injections trigger natural hair growth by injecting platelet rich plasma on the scalp, but without enough research it has not been proved as an effective hair loss treatment.

However, the demand for the procedure has been increased in recent years.

How is it done

As mentioned, the prp for hair growth is done through a series of injections. The first stage involves taking a blood sample from your body, usually the arms. After that the blood sample is placed in a centrifugal machine that spins the blood at high speeds.

Platelet Rich Plasma

In the next stage the centrifugal process results in separating the blood into red blood cells, platelet poor plasma and concentrated platelets or platelet rich plasma. The red blood cells and platelet poor plasma is then discarded and the platelet rich plasma is taken for the next stage i.e injecting.

The injections are taken place on the scalp on areas where the hair is thinning. The entire procedure takes place within 60 minutes. The PRP treatment requires maintenance treatments which must be taken place between 4-6 months.

To whom it applies

The platelet rich plasma hair treatment applies to all those who have been suffering from hair loss problem, more particularly from androgenetic alopecia. The treatment becomes more effective for people with early stages of hair fall.

However the process will not be effective if the person is completely bald and it will be rejected for persons of they have been using drugs or if they have undergone any other treatments.

The Benefits

The whole treatment is relatively painless apart from some minor incisions made from injecting. Other than that, the procedure is completely harmless. Also, this procedure comes with certain benefits which are the main reasons for people to prefer this procedure.

Decreased hair loss: One of the most recognized signs will be decreased hair loss which will be followed by the growth of thicker and fuller hair.

No risk of an allergic reaction: Since the platelets used are from your own blood, there are no risks involved

Used in conjunction with other therapies: This is another advantage for PRP therapy. Have you all heard about vampire facial? This widely debated procedure became popular ever since the celebrity Kim Kardashian posted a picture on twitter of undergoing the treatment.

It is a facial treatment that involves using the person’s own blood and reapplying the platelet rich plasma. Here PRP therapy is used for separating the blood into red blood cells and platelets using centrifugal process.

Where to get the treatment

Okay, so you have decided to opt for the procedure, good choice.

Platelet Rich Plasma

But the problem still persists, you still need to find a reputed hair care clinic where plasma hair treatment procedure has successfully been performed. There are many clinics that offer different hair care treatments in Thrissur. However, the most widely known among them is Dr Pais clinic.

Why Dr Pai’s?

Dr Pai’s hair grow clinic is the widely renowned hair clinic in Thrissur for all types of hair problems. We mainly aim to provide long lasting solutions for our clients by using only the latest technologies for the treatments. Our hair care treatments include hair transplant, prp therapy for hair etc.

Apart from these services, our other services include derma roller treatments for the skin, PRP therapy for growing beard, eyebrow transplant and low level laser therapy (LLLT). What makes us different from other clinics is our methods of approaching a particular customer problem.

If hair loss is your issue, don’t worry. Book an appointment at Dr Pai’s clinic and let us transform you.

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