Is Hair Straightening Harmful To Your Hair?

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Most of us have curly hair by inheritance. In spite of gender, it seems that having straight hair is a bliss. The reason behind the belief is that its flowing nature. As the technology reaches its zenith, now it is possible to get your hair straightened as you want. The thought itself makes you on cloud nine. But, it has a darker side too. Frequent or permanent hair straightening can really bring many disadvantages to your scalp as well as skin. In this blog, I will briefly uncover the adverse effects of hair straightening also what are the other ways to get straight, beautiful hair.

What do you mean by hair straightening in general?

There are two types of hair straightening methods practiced over the world. Permanent hair straightening and temporary hair straightening. These are the common types used by men and women. There are various methods for straightening hair. Some of them include lotions, creams, hair relaxers, etc. The success of the treatment largely depends upon the execution of the treatment. Diverse hair salons offer hair-straightening services and you can hire their expertise. 

The flowing nature and the silky feeling given by straight hair always seduce us. The major ways to get it done are:

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  1. Temporary Hair Straightening

Heat is the star of this kind of straightening. You can do it by yourself, at-home. The thing is you need to be careful with hair. Excess heat and a certain type of hair can make the process harder and excruciating. After careful treatment, you can apply hair serum for deep conditioning.

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  1. Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening assures a straight hair that lasts for a longer period. Here, hair therapists, use chemicals and heat for a flowing look. Excess heat is applied in hair that breaks the bond in hair follicles. Thus, produce a fixed look for hair. 

Hair straightening will give you a new outlook and preferred style for your persona. But, it can also affect your natural hair growth. 

Some of the major problems seen are dryness, rashes, and itchiness over the scalp and hair.  Let us dig at some of the problems in detail. 

  • Dehydrated hair 

When you straighten your hair, the heat applied almost takeaway all moist from your hair. Actually, the smoke emitted by the straightening iron is steam. This steam is developed by collaborating moisture from your hair.  Your hair’s natural moisture layer is drained away for a complete, straight look. This is very harmful to your hair.  Best hair treatment is always necessary after a gap of hair straightening. 

  • Excessive tangle

The excessive dryness caused by straightening also results in tangled hair. The frizz of hair can further lead to breakage. 

  • Skin allergy 

Most of the chemical relaxers can cause skin allergy. Especially on your neck and scalp. These areas are prone to redness and discoloration.

  • Prone to brittle

As we have seen, the excess use of heat drains away all moisture leading into easy breakage. 

  • Lack of luster & moisture

In the long run, your hair loss all luster and shine on account of dehydration and nourishment. Restoring the moisture and natural oil assure beauty. 

  • Rashes & redness on the scalp 

Sometimes, after straightening your hair you can feel itchiness over your scalp followed by redness. So, it usually happens when the hair relaxers react with your skin.

  • Split ends

This is the most common phenomenon happens when hair becomes dry. Split ends are very bad as it can damage the beauty of your hair. Sometimes, the oversplit rate causes slow hair growth.  

So, these are some of the major adverse effects of permanent hair fixing. These are also applicable to temporary straightening.  Hair straightening has adverse effects than positive benefits.  In some cases, the skin allergy become severe as part of 

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