How Low-Level Laser Therapy Benefits You

laser hair treatment

One of the common problems that both men and women face is definitely hair loss. To prevent hair loss, we try different types of hair care treatment ranging from applying oils to a hair transplant. For some people, certain procedures may show the desired results, but for some nothing won’t happen.

But still, people still look for and try procedures that claim successful hair gain results. Even though the existing procedures like hair weaving and hair transplantation are the currently preferred hair loss remedies, these procedures involve making incisions with surgical tools, therefore the people are worried about getting infections.

With the latest technologies available today, newer procedures are being discovered which offers a painless and safe experience for hair treatment. One such technology is LLLT or Low-Level Laser Technology.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

laser hair treatment

LLLT, also known as cold laser therapy or red light therapy is a laser technology used for treating hair loss and thinning of hair for both men and women. It uses laser light technology which stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

The concept of using lasers to treat wounds has been proven in recent years. The thing about laser treatment is that it promotes efficient blood flow which in turn makes healing processes in wounds much faster. In the case of hair, laser hair treatment has been proven effective for patients.

How it works

When the affected area is subjected to LLLT, it irradiates photons into the scalp tissues which are absorbed by the weak cells to encourage hair growth. The thing about LLLT is that the entire procedure is safe and tolerable.

The Benefits

laser hair treatment

The concept of laser in the medical field as a treatment procedure began in the late 1960s. The initial treatments were done for other parts of bodies and injuries and it became successful.

Since then lasers have been in use for various uses in the medical field. The modern machinery uses high-grade laser for operations in areas where it is difficult to reach.

Various studies have shown that LLLT treatment proved effective in stimulating hair growth in mice which were shaved before the procedure. Also, certain clinical trials demonstrated on a group of people using low-level laser therapy parameters stimulated hair growth in them.

Another benefit is there are no cuts or bruises involved, as the entire procedure is performed by light. Also, the lasers from an LLLT are of low wavelength such that they effectively repair tissues by stimulating blood circulation, thus encouraging regeneration of normal healthy tissues.

LLLT is commonly called cold lasers because even though the light is absorbed by the target tissue it doesn’t heat it and with its low wavelength, it’s not strong enough to make cuts like the high-grade ones used in industries.

With the popularity and safety offered in this procedure, the chances for negative effects are unlikely to occur and people who have performed this procedure has not reported any sort of discomfort or issues.

Where to do the procedure

laser hair treatment

Even though the procedure is relatively safe to do, it is always recommended to get it done from a professional hair clinic that has several years of experience in performing the procedure. After all, it is your hair, and you don’t want to risk doing the procedure at some inexperienced hair clinic.

There are many hair clinics in Thrissur that offer a wide range of hair care treatment services including. With the demand for this procedure, many professional clinics provide LLLT treatment services for hair for customers. However, one thing to note is that the treatment becomes effective for people whose hair loss issues are in the starting phase.

With many reputed clinics offering different hair care services, among them, Dr Pais stand out with their wide range of services for hair care. With the professional staffs for performing different hair procedures and a consistent track record of providing the best services, we have been able to create new life to our customers.

Why Dr Pais

We started our clinic to provide the best hair care services for customers facing hair loss issues. What makes us widely known is our professional level of services provided before and after the procedure. Dr Pais offers a plethora of services in hair care.

Our services apart from low light laser therapy include hair transplanting, Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair, Dermaroller treatment, Beard PRP treatment, and eyebrow transplant procedures.

Many well-known clients have adopted our services and are totally happy and satisfied with our services. We are confident enough to solve your hair loss issues. If you are looking for the best hair treatment services, then Dr Pais hair clinic is the ideal place to get your treatment done. Book an appointment today.

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