Things to remember before hair transplant

Haircare Treatment

Are you losing your hair in large quantity?

Why is it only happening to me? You have thought about it.

Well, the truth is that we all lose our hair on a daily basis, but it’s not much of an issue since our hair grows about half an inch over a month. However, the issue becomes noticeable once the hair on a particular area of our head such as the crown or the temples becomes thinner or if our hairline is receding.

 Haircare Treatment

<>Haircare Treatment

Okay, so you found out that you are experiencing hair loss or a condition known as male pattern baldness. Balding patterns have been appearing on your head and it’s only a matter of time before you become bald.

So what are the solutions to prevent it?

There are different haircare treatment solutions such as using shampoos, conditioners, trying different types of essential oils, hair weaving, PRP treatment and lastly hair transplant. Hair transplant has been regarded as the permanent solution for hair loss.

If you have decided hair transplant is the only way, then you need to know some things before opting for one, To know what they are, read on this blog.

Why hair transplant?

Hair transplant is considered the permanent hair loss remedies to male pattern baldness. A hair transplant generally improves the confidence and self esteem of those who are affected with hair loss.

 Haircare Treatment

Although it is considered costly, with promising results from various people, celebrities, the demand for such a procedure has been risen. Another advantage is that there is no age limit for this procedure and it can be performed on men and women.

Things to know

If you are into getting a hair transplant, these are some of the points you must know. Since this is a costly procedure, it requires great preparation for your body and mind because you are doing this in the hope that your baldness will be prevented.

So, without wait, let’s get on with the tips

Strict preparation

As mentioned above, you must prepare your body and hair, of course, to deal with the transplant procedure. You should not consume alcohol, take any drugs at least one week before your surgery. Your hair must be washed twice a day during the preparation period.

Know the type

Hair transplantation are usually performed in two types which are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In FUT, also known as strip method, it involves removing a strip of skin and hair in which the hair follicle is attached to the person’s balding areas.

 Haircare Treatment

In FUE, instead of skin strips, the follicular units are taken from places where the hair is still abundant. Each hair follicle is then transferred and grafted to the person’s balding area. FUT procedure is generally the one most preferred because of the expected result it provides. Even results are obtainable with FUE, however, it may not be as FUT.


This is the one factor that you must consider when planning to do hair transplant procedure. However one thing to remember is that good professional services costs more therefore, it is good to consider the hair transplant cost to determine the surgery but other factors should also be considered rather than considering cost only.

No hair, no transplant

This is one of the basic and important points to consider if you are planning to do the procedure. Since the procedure involves transplanting hair from one place to another, this cannot be performed on a person who is completely bald.

Complete Health Check-up

Even though you may be healthy, it is always recommended to do a complete checkup before the surgery to ensure your body is in perfect condition to endure the procedure. You don’t want your procedure to get rejected on poor health.

It is advised to avoid any sort of medications, antibiotics etc before the procedure. If you are taking any sort of medication, consult with your doctor and do what they recommend.

Opt for the best

Hair transplanting is not something to be considered lightly. The procedure must be only done by professional hair surgeons with sufficient years of experience. With better technologies, the procedure is relatively painless.

If the procedure is done by someone inexperienced, the chances of success are most likely less. Another thing to note that hair transplant is a costly procedure, therefore when looking for the best clinics, consider the cost, but don’t finalize a selection based on the cost itself.

There are many hair clinics in Thrissur that performs hair transplant services. Since most of the clinics offer similar procedures, choosing the right one must be done on the basis of cost, reputation of the clinic and the faculties, and also their credibility. Dr Pais hair clinic stands out due to the unique way of providing its services to its clients.

Why Dr Pais?

Dr Pais was established in Thrissur with the aim to provide professional quality services for baldness treatment to various clients suffering from hair loss. Our panel of well experienced and qualified surgeons are capable of understanding all the needs of the patient’s.

 Haircare Treatment


We are one of the advanced hair clinics that uses state of the art technology for diagnosing and implementing hair care solutions to the clients. We have a successful track history of performing different hair care treatments including hair transplant procedures.

If you are into hair transplant, get it done from a reputed place like Dr Pais and get the desired look you wished for.

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