Myths of Hair Transplant

hair transplant procedure

Losing your hair at an uncontrolled rate?

One of the things that breaks us emotionally on the inside is definitely hair loss issues. We usually try out many procedures thinking that it helps our condition, but unfortunately, it may not work for some folks, so you opt for the holy grail of hair treatment which is hair transplant.

Usually hair fall arises due to several factors. Some can be treated with the right food and medication, whereas for the one’s like male pattern baldness which is commonly affected, the solution is hair transplant.

Alright, so you want to try out the procedure, but you are holding back thinking about the various myths that you have heard from different sources. Just remember one thing, hair transplant procedure is not as dangerous as you might have heard.

The Reason

One of the main reasons for the emergence of these myths is either the lack of awareness among the people and some people may have had bad experiences with these types of treatment. Hair transplants are permanent hair loss remedies. Although it is costly, the results are worth the cost.

Due to the presence of these myths, many people are discouraged from getting this procedure thinking that it causes more harm than good. Therefore, here we debunk some of the existing myths for hair transplant procedure. If you are that person who wants to do a hair transplant, then getting to know these common myths can save you in the future.

The Myths

Below are some of the myths that

1. Hair Transplants are not safe

This is one of the most common myths that we all hear. The doctors who do the procedure are highly trained and qualified. Your safety is always the first priority, therefore hair transplants are actually safe. Although there are very few issues such as slight itching or redness around the area where the surgery is done, this will fade out with time.

2. Hair transplant is only for men

A myth like this one can discourage women from getting this procedure, but this is not true.

Why should men have all the fun and benefits of hair transplant?

Happy news for you ladies because the hair transplant procedure is applicable for both men and women. If you are worried about age, the treatment is suitable for all ages. Only you have to make the final choice.

3. Hair strands are transplanted

The procedure is not like what it says in the name. The hair follicles are first extracted from the donor areas which is backside of the scalp, and these follicles are surgically grafted on the areas where the hair is thinning.

Hair follicles are responsible for hair growth and it’s definitely not just transplanting hair strands on the scalp. If you have had believed this was the procedure, then you were wrong.

4. Hair transplant surgery affect brain

This is not true at all. There’s no way that a hair transplant procedure can affect the brain. Hair transplant is a procedure performed on the skin, and the follicle grafting procedure only goes as deep as to dermis layer.

It does not come in contact with the skin beyond the dermis layer. So no need to worry about the procedure affecting the brain, it won’t.

5. Hair transplants are quite painful

Many people are always doubtful about hair transplant procedure thinking that it causes pain, but there’s no need to worry about that as the process is safe and won’t cause any pain.

Usually a local anesthesia is given which numbs the scalp area so that you won’t feel anything during the surgery. You can even resume your daily activities within days after the procedure. So, if you are looking to opt a hair transplant procedure, you can go straight ahead.

6.Hair transplant is not affordable

A hair transplant procedure involves complex procedures which has to be done very carefully only be trained and experienced doctors. The cost of the procedure depends on various factors such as the number of follicles that need to be extracted and transplanted on to the scalp.

However, with the increasing demand for hair transplant surgeries has decreased the overall cost of the hair transplant. Though it’s costly, it’s definitely affordable. Just remember to never go for services that claims hair transplant procedures at the cheapest rate because the entire process is costly.

Choosing the right clinic

Although hair transplant is a good solution, to get the full benefit, it is recommended to get the procedure done at a reputed hair clinic. Since it is a very important procedure, you don’t want to get it done by someone not experienced as it will cause more problems than it solves.

When you are choosing the clinic factors such as cost, reputation, location, credibility etc must be considered. Among the many established hair clinics in Thrissur, Dr. Pais Hair Grow is the best one for all types of hair loss treatment.

hair transplant procedures

Our team consists of professionally trained and experienced doctors who perform the various hair care procedures with utmost care and professionalism. Apart from providing hair transplant services, we also provide treatment procedures such as Dermaroller treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, LTTE, Beard PRP, Skin whitening and more.

If a hair transplant procedure is what you seek, the first thing you must do is don’t listen to the myths and come to Dr. Pais hair clinic for the best and reliable hair care treatment procedures.

hair transplant procedure

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