Why Hair Transplant is not as Dangerous as you Think

Do you know that hair transplant in Kerala is becoming more preferred than ever?

We all lose hair during our lifetime. It’s not much of an issue since new hair strands are grown in the place of the fallen ones. But, not everyone has the pleasure of gaining lost hair.

Since hair is an important factor in attractiveness for both men & women, losing hair is not something enjoyable. There are many reasons that cause hair fall but whatever the reason is, there’s nothing to worry about and is not bad as you think about.

An ever-growing concern

When people start losing hair, the main concern will be whether they are balding. Not every type of hair fall leads to balding. If you are undergoing medication or under stress hair fall can occur, but these are temporary. Once they are over, your hair grows back.

Only if affected by genetic conditions like male pattern baldness, you are balding. So you found out that you are balding. Your next step would be to either accept the condition or reverse it. Why live with a bald head when you can restore it using the best hair treatment in Kerala.

The available options

When it comes to restoring your lost hair, the options are many. This includes hair weaving, PRP therapy, and lastly the ultimate hair transplant procedure. Depending on your budget you are able to choose the right one that suits your needs. However, if you want a safe and natural appearance, then opting for a hair transplant is the best option.

To get the best results, it is recommended that you get the best hair transplant in Kerala from a well-known hair clinic like Dr Pai’s. Making the wrong choice will lead to an unfortunate result.

Why hair transplant?

The simple answer is that it is an effective baldness treatment. It works by transplanting hair from one part of the body (donor area) to the balding area (receiving area). What’s interesting is that your own hair is used for the procedure which makes the procedure one step safer.

However, getting a hair transplant is not that easy. There are certain conditions that must be met before opting for one. First of all, a hair transplant procedure is costly which can rise depending on the number of grafts required.

baldness treatment

Also, it requires the right post-care treatment. The procedure is not suitable if you are completely bald or if you are not the right candidate. For more details on that, you can check it out here.

Hair transplant is considered the ultimate hair loss remedy because the results are permanent and natural. There are generally two types of hair transplant treatments which are FUT & FUE, the latter being the commonly preferred method.

If done correctly, hair transplant procedure results in a natural, fuller, hairstyle for your head. This, in turn, helps regain that lost confidence of yours. As your own hair is used, you don’t have to be worried about any side effects.

Dr Pai’s innovative result

Now you have got the problem and the solution but there’s still one more piece left to fill the puzzle, right?

Yes, and that is the place where you have to get the solution done. Due to the increasing popularity of FUE hair transplant in Kerala, there are many hair clinics set up that offers the treatment. This makes it difficult in choosing the right one as not all of them may provide genuine services.

When considering a clinic, several factors must be considered. This includes the presence of well-experienced doctors, the reputation of the clinic, location, cost, etc. When it comes to all these, Dr Pais hair clinic is the best there is among the other clinics. Helped by experienced & trained doctors, we have provided the best quality and safe hair loss treatments for our customers over the years.

Our FUE hair transplant procedure is widely known and preferred by many reputed clients who have all got the ideal results in time.hair transplant in Kerala


Wide range of services

One of the reasons that make us the best among the people is the wide range of hair care treatments we cater to. Apart from hair transplantation, our other services include PRP therapy, LLLT, Dermaroller treatment, Skin whitening, Beard PRP, Eyebrow hair loss treatment, and more.

With a wide list like this, you won’t have any trouble finding the right treatment that suits you at Dr Pai’s. When you avail for any of our services, what you get is the effective services of a professional doctor at prices you can afford. This is one of the facts that make us unique from others.


Now, you have everything at your disposal. You have the problem, the solutions and the right place where to get them at the best price. As we told you at the beginning itself that hair fall is not as bad as you think. For more details on our services and events, please do visit our website or drop us a call at  +91 9188 778 266 to book an appointment.

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