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hair transplant

Hey guys

This month is really special for men, why?

Well, this is the month when the famous No shave November event is observed all over the world. The time when men won’t cut, trim or shave their beards or mustaches. This has become a popular trend ever since it was started in 2009 in the US. The purpose of this initiative is to create awareness for prostate cancer in men and prevent it.

Even you want to be a part of this initiative by not shaving your beard. But unfortunately what you are having is a beard that is not thick. The frustration cannot be expressed, isn’t it?

However, don’t worry as we are here with one of the best hair loss remedies for that. We also explain why should you even get one done. If you are that guy stuck with an unattractive beard, this blog is for you.

Definition of Attractiveness

hair transplantA beard is considered the most attractive symbol in men. Some people will have a thick and well-grown beard and some won’t. Those guys not having a beard is always a subject of ridicule among groups. There are many reasons for not having the right beard. As mentioned in the above paragraph, the solution for tackling this problem is a Beard transplant.

You must have heard about Hair transplant procedure right?

The same procedure is done for the beard. Hair follicles are carefully selected from another part of your body which is usually the base of your scalp at the back or under your chin. After extracting the hair follicles, they are transplanted to the wanted area.


hair transplant

The reason for opting for this procedure is the advantages it offers for the money you pay for. Below are some of the major factors that explain why should you get a beard transplant.

Choose Your Favourite Style

If you want your beard style like the celebrities, or if you have your own style, you can implement it with a beard transplant as it offers you an extended degree of freedom to choose the style that suits your face. You can even make your beard thicker and fuller with this procedure. Whatever beard style you dreamt of, it becomes a reality. Pretty cool, huh?

More Hair Equals More Grafts

As mentioned earlier that the hair grafts are extracted from the donor area and transplanted to the area where you want the beard to grow. However, the hair requirement for each person is usually different. Some people may only need less number of grafts whereas other’s may need more grafts depending on beard type.

Usually, the pricing for this treatment is charged either per session or per hair graft. Therefore, the latter is quite reasonable.

Expect The Fallout

Do you know that the transplanted hair falls after a certain period?

If you didn’t know this earlier, now you know. But there’s nothing to worry about. This temporary hair fall is natural and once they are shed, new hair starts to grow in the place of the fallen ones. If you cannot tolerate the initial hair fall, then don’t even attempt for a beard transplant.

By the way, if you get a hair transplant done, you will experience the initial hair falls.

Get it, treat it, love it

Once you get the procedure done, you may have a confusion on how to treat the new hair. You will be nervous once the new beard grows back. However, there’s nothing to worry about. You can just treat it like how you regularly do. You can trim, shave without issues.

Have Time And Money

Another important thing to know is that the procedure is expensive but the results are worth the cost. Also, when it comes to the time for completion, it can vary depending on the transplant of grafts required on the individual. On average, it can take between 2-4 hours. Some beard transplants may require a second treatment session, but most of them can be completed within one session.

The reason why the procedure takes time is that each live hair follicle is extracted and implanted individually and painstakingly by the surgeon. It should be done with extreme care because a small mistake will lead to the wrong results and permanent consequences.

Things You Should Know

hair transplant

Beard transplant is a good option, there’s no doubt in that. However, what you should consider is getting it done from a well-known reputed hair clinic. Since this is a very delicate procedure that should be done with extreme caution and patience, the last thing you need to do is handing over your head to someone not experienced.

Several factors must be considered such as location, the reputation of the clinic and faculties, pricing and more. When it comes to choosing the right clinic, Dr. Pais is the best hair clinic in Thrissur to choose from. The reasons are many. Apart from a beard transplant, we provide services such as derma roller, eyebrow transplant,  Plasma Rich Platelet, skin whitening and more.

We have several years of experience in providing the best hair treatment for customers. We are capable of solving your hair loss issues. If you wish to get a fuller and thicker beard at the best clinic, then Dr. Pais Hair clinic is the best to get it done.

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