A Little Effort to a Long-Lasting Beauty

Dry damaged hair treatment

A lion is usually recognised and distinguished by its mane. Its thick dark mane adds more charm and makes it the king of the jungle. Thus we see how hair put on glamour to an animal. Similarly, hair has a vital role in adding beauty to both male and female.

Most of us take care of our skin and spend huge amounts on purchasing skin products protecting it from sun and snow. Unfortunately, we fail to notice that our hair too demands similar care from adverse conditions.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon and a matter of serious concern for many including both young and old in the same extent. There can be various reasons for hair fall. For some, it might be like a natural case that occurs during the old age, while for some, it can be due to the changing lifestyles. Hair loss can also be hereditary.

Dry and damaged hair treatment

Unlike the olden times, you need not walk with a bald head anymore. In this day and age, getting your hair treated is no more risky and complicated. Several institutions have mushroomed for hair loss treatment in Kerala.

But to choose the best that can provide a natural and long-lasting outcome matters the most. With the advancement of the technologies, several procedures have emerged with the most modern developments.

Hair transplant and it’s various dimensions

One of the most advanced technique in hair transplant is advanced Fue hair transplant. This is a surgical method where hair follicles are extracted from the donor site and grafted at the recipient site.

Doing so increases the chance of hair growth as the follicles are taken from your own body. Though the procedure might appear painful, it isn’t. It is less time consuming and less harmful. It also enables in a quick recovery.

Scalp treatment for dandruff

If you are hesitant concerning surgery, there are also non-surgical methods that can vitalize your hair and regulate your hair fall. Besides it also enhances the texture of your hair.

Sometimes due to genetic or other reasons, your hair can get dry and weak. Dry and damaged hair treatment can be sorted out using the laser to stimulate the stem cells and the roots of the hair to rejuvenate your weaker hair. Since no surgical process is involved, you can be tension free regarding pain, cuts and bruises. 

Hair fall is not the only thing that can give someone a hard time. An excessive amount of dandruff can also be exasperating. For some, it can be severe that dandruff cannot be controlled by natural remedies.

There are also similar advanced techniques that can control dandruff slowly but surely. Scalp treatment for dandruff is mainly done by cleaning the scalp and removing the dermal plaque and other dead cells that cause dandruff. 

Other transplants

You can also get beard and moustache growth treatment the same way how the hair gets transplanted. The FUE technique is applicable here too where the hair follicles are collected from the back of your head and grafted at the required area. Special care has to be done while handling the minute hairs for beard and moustache.

Hair Transplant

Hair does not restrain itself from falling from the head and the beard. Our eyebrows can also get deprived of hair and shape mainly due to accidents or due to genetic reasons. Nowadays, eyebrow hair transplant is also available to regain thick black eyebrows that contribute to the glamour of your face. By taking hair directly from the back of your ears, and transplanting it, eyebrow transplant is the permanent solution for the loss of eyebrows.

The danger in cheap hair transplant

It is a natural tendency to be in two minds when it comes to a hair transplant. The major notion that hair transplant is not safe. The most misunderstood concept regarding hair transplant is that it can be fatal to the brain.

As mentioned earlier, since all the surgical and non-surgical methods are done externally, it cannot bring an adverse effect to the brain. The danger lies in when you go for cheaper options. These surgeries and other laser techniques cannot be done at a cheaper rate. You need extremely skilled and efficient trichologists for the desired results.

But if you want to be at the right place for the best hair transplant in Kerala, choose Dr Pais for the best and varied services in hair transplant. We offer all the above-mentioned services by expert trichologists at a feasible rate to our customers.

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