Get Fairer Skin Undergoing Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin whitening treatment

Get Fairer Skin Undergoing Skin Whitening Treatment

 Skin whitening treatment

Film  and media world always gives laurels and accolades for beautiful  personalities irrespective of men and women. We all tend to prefer fair skin or have a strong belief that fair skin is the last word for the beauty. So, naturally, we all like to beautify our skin tone  and appear in a presentable way.

Sometimes, we are contented with our skin tone but the devastating thing  is our scars, patches or dark spots. These coloured spots make our skin look awful. 

Whatever the reason, your yearning for a fair skin begins at home, isn’t it? You might have tried herbal ingredients and kitchen stuff to fade the dark spots. Some of the skin whitening treatment at home might have worked for you.  A complete relief is always seems impossible as sky height.

But, don’t give up hope as  skin whitening treatment can do wonders for you and change the way you look!

What is skin whitening Treatment?

As the name implies it lighten or whiten your skin tone using a variety of treatments or techniques. This treatment includes medication for external use as well as tablets.

This primarily removes or reduces excessive melanin from your skin. Melanin is a pigment that is the base of a person’s colour. Dark coloured  persons have more melanin than fair people. Melanocytes are the cells which produce melanin in our body. The melanocyte cells which manufactures melanin are located at the very bottom of the skin’s epidermal layer.  Sometimes the excessive production of the melanin pigment could lead to several pigmentation problems. The excessive melanin count is duly depend upon genetic structure.Excessive exposure to sunlight, damaged skin and exposure to chemicals can amend  the melanin content. The dream of getting smoother, fairer skin is very easy with these skin lightening treatments. 

Permanent skin whitening treatment is actually does not exist. Why say so?

Our skin always rejuvenating in its own way. As new cells created they will also produce the same melanin as before. So, permanent lightening of skin can be achieved when you frequently undergo skin whitening treatment. Skin whitening ways often collaborates natural and as well as chemical substances. 

You can choose any skin lightening treatments according to your need and affordability. But, one thing is sure, each money spent is worthwhile. It is always advisable to undergo a lightening treatment under the guidance of a dermatologist, who have a thorough understanding of cosmetology. You can ask all your dilemmas and queries to concerned doctor, like how to whiten body skin and what are the things to be followed for better result 

Let us look at some of the procedures. 

Different types of Skin whitening Treatments

1. Chemical Peeling

 Skin whitening treatment

In chemical peeling,  a solution of alpha hydroxy acids from natural extracts is applied to remove the damaged outer layer. This  new layer will give the desired lightening colour as it is less in melanin. This is the best way to lighten skin tone erasing tan, dark spots quickly but effective manner. This can be classified as three types. Light, medium or depending upon peeling.It can be done on the face, neck or hands. 

2. Laser Treatment

As the name implies, in laser skin whitening treatment  the concerned part of the skin is exposed to laser rays. Here, the melanin is splitted and dispersed by immune’s system. Ablative and non ablative laser is used. It really fight against and helps effectively with acne, melasma and liver spots. This treatment is also known as lasabrasion. It is brightening treatment so mainly used in face and certain body parts.

3. Micro dermabrasion

This skin lightening treatment involves gently sloughing off the surface layer of the skin using a diamond tipped wand removing dead and sun damaged skin cells.


 Skin whitening treatment

Glutathione, a skin lightening agent is used in these injections. This stops the production of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is involved in making melanin in the body. As per general belief, these injections can detoxify the body, protect the skin from harmful UV rays and promote fair skin tone. The “Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database” has classified the use of this injection in the “possibly safe” category, though it does not comment on the effectiveness of a glutathione injection as a skin-lightening agent.

4. Hydroquinone

The application of hydroquinone inhibits melanin production and result in skin whitening. Hydroquinone is rich with antioxidants.

5. Cryosurgery

This skin lightening treatment is suitable for irregular skin darkening and dark spots. Targeted application of liquid nitrogen for freezing skin lesions results in demolition of darker skin cells and their replacement with lighter and new cells.

Our advanced scientific research along with healthcare today offers various and effective techniques to lighten skin colour or whiten entire tone of skin. It is very important to pick the best treatment from the trusted dermatologist. Dr. Pai’s hair grow clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments including skin whitening. 

These skin whitening treatments are secure, transparent and less traumatic. You can get fairer, clearer skin without stitches or bleeding. You can get quality assured services along with clinical excellence as we purely give importance to our person’s needs. We are bent on doing wonders for your skin, assuring lighter, fairer skin with these whitening treatments. 

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