5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Fragile Hair 

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There is a time in your life when you are young when you’re in your prime and you’re brimming with energy. The best part, your hair is strong and healthy, you have plenty of ways to style or groom it and after each hair cut, you’re hardly worried about whether or not your hair will grow because you know it will.

But then eventually at some point, your hair will lose it strength and may not be all that healthy as it once was before. Do you have to be worried, you don’t really. This stage is completely normal. We all lose a little hair at some point in our lives. But is there a way to keep your fragile hair safe. Sure there is there are plenty of ways to maintain fragile. Read and find out.

So what causes fragile or weak hair?

The hair is made up of 2 distinct parts; the root & the hair shaft. The shaft is the part of the hair that we can see. And a strand that grows out from the scalp and the outer shell of this shaft is called the cuticle. When the hair is in good health, the cuticle lays flat on the strand, is resistant to wear and tear and also acts as a shield against external factors.

Hair Treatment Services

Within due time, the cuticle gets compromised causing it to no longer lay flat. Several factors can cause this to happen, some of which include the sun’s UV rays or pollution. other than external factors sometimes we may be indirectly responsible for our hair fall.  

These include brushing hair the wrong way, overusing hot tools like blow dryers, chemical processes like straightening & coloring and even over-shampooing can all contribute to a weaker cuticle and can also change the overall appearance of the hair fiber. 

All of this can lead to your hair becoming weak & fragile and over time it can lead to everything from hair frizz and dryness to split ends and also more excessive damage like breakage.

Taking care of fragile hair

Hair Treatment ServicesCheck out some of these tips on how you can take care of your fragile hair and protect it from any kind of damage

Avoid heat-producing products for your hair

Heat can be one of the biggest reasons for damaging your hair. Next time you walk outside in the hot sun, make sure you protect it from the harsh damaging UV rays by wearing or seeking some or the other form of shade for your hair. When taking a shower, keep the water at a lukewarm temperature and try to rinse your hair with cold water to keep the cuticle lay flat. 

Try as much as possible to avoid using hot tools. The heat produced from blow-dryers, flat irons & curling wands can completely absorb all the moisture from your hair. However, if you want to use them try setting these tools on lower heat settings and also try using a heat protectant product first. Hair treatment services often recommend this tip for customers.

Using the right hair care products 

Hair Treatment ServicesFragile or weak hair is often dry. You can try incorporating hydrating hair care products into your routine, this can help replenish your dehydrated hair with moisture.  Try getting hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and masks that are formulated with hair oils and hydrating extracts. Also, try using hair products like hair serums and leave-in conditioners after washing. 

Avoid over-shampooing

Over shampooing your hair can dehydrate your hair and leave it weak and vulnerable to hair damage. Instead of shampooing hair daily try to stretch the time in between and opt for a dry shampoo. 

Keep in mind that your hair is different from others. So if your hair is greasy, you’ve just finished a tiring workout or if you simply feel that your hair needs a wash, then it’s better you do wash your hair to get rid of any kind of possible accumulated dirt. Make sure you condition your hair, later on, to help restore your hair moisture.

Go easy on wet hair

Hair Treatment ServicesWhile wet hair can be tempting to try out various styles, you need to understand that your hair is vulnerable when it is wet. This alone should give you every reason to be gentle with wet hair. Try brushing your hair before you shower to remove tangles. 

Now after washing your hair, use wide-tooth combs or specially designed wet brushes to avoid any kind of tugging in the hair. Also when wiping your wet hair with a towel, don’t wipe the hair too roughly, instead try gently wiping the hair.

Trim your hair

If your hair has split ends, then it’s high time to go into the salon for a professional trim. Getting regular hair trims helps keep your hair healthy and also prevents split ends from traveling up the hair shaft. This can lead to hair breakage and a thinner appearance.

If at all you feel that your hair is getting weaker or if you’re experiencing too much of hair loss and are looking for ways to fix your hair or get stronger and healthier hair, you could go for the hair transplant method. Dr. Pai’s hair grow services can help you out by giving you some of the best options to fix your hair. 

We offer services like FUE hair transplant, a highly effective hair transplant method used in the world to treat varying forms of hair loss. Our other hair treatment services include Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) services, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLT) services, Derma roller and also Beard & eyebrow transplant services.

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