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Hair Transplant

Do you have a desire for being able to run your fingers like before through full strands of hair again?

Don’t worry, we can help you with hair care treatment

Hair Transplant

A warm welcome to Dr. Pai’s hair grow clinic for perfect hair treatment. We can provide you with a wide range of services including hair transplant for both men and women. We use the latest and high quality technology with many decades of experience.

<>Hair Transplant

What is hair transplantation?

It will be a major decision in one’s life to whether to try hair transplantation. Are almost everyone has a lot of questions to ask regarding the same. You must know one thing that, this procedure is like hair redistribution and not nurturing hair follicles.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE hair transplant is one of the most popular procedure for hair transplantation. FUE or “Follicular Hair Extraction” has the procedure of removing strands of healthy hair follicles from the back portion of the head and place them on the bald wanted area.

Hair Transplant

Being a simple and painless procedure, FUE transplant reduces the discomfort while implanting any number of hairs. This will not have any further side effects also.

At Dr. Pai’s hair grow clinic, we also provide follow up sessions and further consultations for stimulating hair growth.

Know the procedure of follicular unit extraction

Hair Preparation

The area from where the hair is taken(donor area)should be prepared before taking by washing. Shaving is done from the side or back and ear to ear. Short anaesthesia will be also given for making the procedure less discomfort.

Hair Extraction

The wanted hair strands are then extracted using an electronic punch. It takes almost one to three hours to do the procedure of hair extraction. It depends on the quantity of hair to be extracted.

Hair Placement

Before the surgery begins, frontal hair will be marked like the agreed design you have made on consultation. Then small slits will be made in the scalp area where the hair strands are to be implanted using a sterilised surgical needle. And then placed according to the desired density. This also takes almost one to four hours in accordance with the number of hair strands.

Feel to try it?

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We can assure you with a perfect hair transplant

• Painless process
• Faster recovery

Know more about our other services


Hair Transplant

PRP or platelet rich plasma is an option for those who don’t prefer a surgical method. In this non surgical option, your blood platelets are used for stimulating your hair growth. It is a perfect remedy for balding as it helps in improving the texture of your existing hair. Your hair will begin to grow thicker and it can also help in enhancing the density of the existing hairs by controlling hair fall.


This is done to prevent hair loss and for promoting hair growth. In this therapy, the stem cells that help in restoring the strength of the hair are stimulated by delivering low level laser energy to the hair follicles.


Thicker hairs are promoted with increased follicle size by releasing growth factors of your hair. It uses a short needle several times to make this procedure complete. It is done for enhancing the regeneration of hair follicles.


Facial hairs are restored with an effective beard hair transplant. This is done on the area where growth is less or having very thin hair. It is a painless process done on moustache and beard. It takes almost two to five hours to complete this process.


It is a permanent way to restore beautiful eyebrows. Natural and fuller eyebrows can make you look much better than before. Hairs from behind the ears are taken for doing this transplant. Short anaesthesia will be given while performing this procedure.

Why Dr. Pai’s Hair Grow clinic?

Dr. Pai’s Hair Grow Clinic have a well experienced and expert panel of surgeons to provide you with supreme quality and excellent services that you might expect from us. We always challenge what before we strive for perfection. We are highly focused on the concerns of our patients.


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