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Hair Transplant in Kerala

If you’ve come all the way here searching for what a FUE treatment, chances are that you’re probably planning to go for one. And by the looks of your term selection, you seem to be the kind of person who would like to know exactly what the treatment is all about before even going for one. Impressive !!

We’ll give you a brief idea about what this particular treatment really is. Take a look

What is FUE ?

Fue or Follicular unit extraction or Follicular unit transplantation is a kind of hair transplant procedure that involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor portion of the body which is normally the sides and back of the head.

Hair Transplant in Kerala


<>Hair Transplant in Kerala

Each of these follicles is then implanted in the hair loss affected areas of the head. In the cases of men suffering from male pale pattern baldness, this would be the primary area to target.

What are the prime benefits of FUE ?

The surgery is less invasive than the FUT hair transplant(Follicular Unit Transplantation) surgery and does not leave any visible scars in the donor area.

A FUE surgery could be the right option for patients experiencing early baldness.

This surgery could also be an alternative for moustache or eyebrow replacement.

What are the requirements for the surgery ?

In order to begin the treatment, there should be a good amount of donor area to carry out the hair transfer. In other words, there should be a sufficient amount of hair follicles present around the back region of the head as well as on the sides of the head near the ears. For a typical bald person this factor is enough to begin the treatment.

What is so special about the hair behind the head ?

The reason why this particular region of the head is used to take the hair is because these hairs are less susceptible to hereditary hair loss.

How does the procedure work ?

The surgery involves the removal of a few individual follicles, comprising of about 1-4 hairs along with some surrounding skin, all done under local anaesthesia. The extraction procedure is done with the help of a microsurgical extraction instrument that ranges between 0.6mm and 1.0 mm in diameter to carefully extract the follicles.

Hair Transplant in Kerala

Using the special microsurgical needles the surgeon punctures the scalp area ready to receive the grafts. The surgeons know exactly how to blend the hair in by implanting grafts at an angle and density that accurately matches with the original hair. Doing this would ensure a more natural and realistic hair pattern.

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How long is the procedure ?

The surgery could either be done through an entire session or combined group of several sessions. Now while FUE hair transplant surgery could comparatively take more time than typical strip surgery, it does have a plus side to it. The FUE surgery doesn’t leave any kind of visible scars like strip surgery does.

However, the length of FUE hair transplant surgery could depend on a secondary factor like the number of grafts needed. In the case of a short procedure which requires hardly 200-400 grafts, the surgery can be completed within a few hours. Whereas a longer procedure that involves around 2000+ grafts could involve a session that takes up more than two days.

How long would it take for a full FUE hair transplant recovery ?

As compared to the strip surgery, FUE hair transplantation surgery doesn’t require a large area of the scalp region to be harvested. And since the surgery doesn’t involve any kind of linear incisions, the head region isn’t left with any linear scars.

Due to the removal of a few individual follicles, there may be hardly a few tiny puncture scars. This is nothing you need to worry about as none of these tiny scars would ever be visible to human vision. Also, the patient wouldn’t undergo any post-surgical pain and the average recovery time would take less than a week.

How long will the results last ?

After undergoing FUE hair transplant in Kerala, we assure that your new hair will stay on your head for longer than you can imagine.

Hair Transplant in Kerala

While the initial transplanted hair will shed away a few weeks post treatment, this is an entirely normal sign and you have nothing to worry about. The hair will now grow back naturally strong and healthy.

Interested in taking the treatment ?

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