Plan for an Eyebrow transplant for beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrow Transplant

A youthful appearance is not complete without beautiful eyebrows however hard you neglect it. Eyebrows add beauty to the eyes and it changes the overall look of the face. Many people ignore their eyebrows giving prominence only to their eyes and other parts of the body.  People get aware of their eyebrows once they recognize that their eyebrows are thinning day by day. Thinning of eyebrows may be due to various reasons such as age, scarring or illness. Others can underestimate your age even if you have a fresh and youthful look but literally no eyebrows. This is why most people especially women think about an eyebrow hair restoration. About 70 percent of patients of eyebrow loss treatment are women in their 30s and 40s.

Eyebrow Transplant

In the field of cosmetic surgery there has been a peak increase in the eyebrow-transplant enquiries. This is just same as a regular hair transplant involving removal of either individual groups or a strip of skin with active follicles from one area of the body to another. The follicles are then trimmed to fit the preferred brow shape and transplanted into the brow area. For a healthy, natural looking full eyebrows you can go for an Eyebrow transplant surgery. 


Before the transplant

To have naturally thick eyebrows is everyone’s dream. For some their lighter brows must be of great anxiety to them. For such people a transplant is the best way for increasing what they already have. The below mentioned are some of the factors for eyebrow loss:

  • Age 
  • Hereditary
  • Over-plucking
  • Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatment
  • Scarring or skin trauma
  • Trichotillomania
  • Systemic disease


Eyebrow Transplant

The best thing about an eyebrow loss treatment is that you can choose the result you are looking for. You will get well shaped, even, thick and glossy eyebrows that gives your face a more youthful appearance.


During the transplant

For a natural, healthy looking eyebrow an average of 250-400 individual hairs are required per eyebrow. This number can vary according to the size and appearance of the current eyebrow and the look you want to achieve. Following the natural growth direction each hair is transplanted lying flat against the skin. The hairs are placed very tightly together to achieve an even and full look. 

Eyebrow Transplant

Tiny needles are used to remove the donor hair follicles for making sure that there is no scarring to both the head and the recipients eyebrow. Donor hair follicles are removed from the area behind the ears. Small needles are then used to implant the hairs one at a time. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and patients will comfortably fall asleep while carrying out the transplant.

An eyebrow transplant is a simple process. Your surgeon will take care of you and make you relax. Since you don’t have to stay for long in the hospital or clinic you can return to home as soon as the transplant is done. 


After the transplant

For a well-shaped, smooth eyebrow, 100-200 hairs are required for a partial brow and 200-400 grafts for a full eyebrow. After the treatment sometimes you may experience a small amount of bruising and swelling. But this does not last for long and your recovery period is relatively fast and pain-free. The cost of the treatment will depend on the number of grafts needed.

Eyebrow Transplant


An improvement in both the shape and thickness of the eyebrow is visible. They will be permanent too. However there is a chance of dropping out some of these hairs within a couple of weeks. This eyebrow hair loss is a normal part of the recovery process. New hairs will continue to grow after that. For the full results you will have to wait for a year after the treatment. To maintain brow shape, trim the implanted hairs on regular basis as they will be growing quickly. This must be done approximately every four weeks as the transplanted eyebrow hair regrowth occurs continuously. 


Advantages of a full eyebrow transplant 

  • Less time consuming
  • Less traumatic
  • Less invasive 
  • No Cut
  • No pain
  • No bleeding
  • No Stitches
  • No scalpels
  • Minimal graft death owing to storage conditions giving 100% results
  • Quick Recovery

Eyebrow Transplant

Dr. Pai’s Hair grow clinic is the first name you can choose for best eyebrow transplant results. For this treatment healing and recovery time is extremely fast. You could also achieve the best results making your face look more beautiful. The eyebrow transplant therapy is a permanent way of restoring the hairs of eyebrows. Our experience medical team can offer the facility of eyebrow hair transplant for you. Do consult us for best results. 

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