derma roller treatment

 We all feel contentment when people appreciate us for our appearance and personality. We are always pining on treatments for beauty as well as prolific hair growth. Our yearning for beautiful hair is always the same. We surely understand that thick and long natural hair is a great source of our confidence. 

Hair loss and unhealthy hair is a major problems almost affected by men and women alike. The first we may not consider this as a grave issue.  As the days slip by, you may find your head is thinner or even getting balder.

Our home remedies like oils and hair growth products never seem to satisfy. We may feel all at sea on what to do.

Here is when a derma roller comes to your aid. 

Have you ever heard about this skincare device?  Maybe. Maybe not.

derma roller treatmentDerma roller available in many sizes, it is basically a roller that has numerous strong needles. These titanium needles are used to make a tiny hole in the skin. This process is called microneedling. The motive behind a derma roller usage is simply to brighten the skin health by increased collagen production from micro punctures. 

Micro-needling is the perfect way for luxuriant hair!

It not only promise you flourishing hair growth but also revitalize the scalp. The use of microneedling increases endothelial growth factors that can promote hair growth. The derma roller is available in different sizes in the market. Due to its immense efficiency, it has gained popularity over the years and it is used for hair growth. It is no more a woman’s concern as Derma roller is highly used by men also. One of the main reasons is an aesthetic concern. Micro-needling is used to rejuvenate and refresh skin tone. But it really works for the scalp too! Yes. If rightly used, it can restore bushy hair.  

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or feeling symptoms of bald. You can opt for derma roller treatment for astonishing results. You may not get instant results from the first use itself, you should weight at least for 6 months. Instant availability of derma roller has paved the way for its domestic usage. In Spite of men and women, people tend to use it in homes without consultant guidance. They may argue that it is an easy device to use and confident to try this micro-needling at home with little training. But, this can really harm the skin, if you do not know how to use it.  It is always good to follow the treatment with the help of a reputed dermatologist or cosmetician. If it is not properly executed it can cause a lot of trouble such as irritation, redness and skin infection.  

Let us have a look at the procedure

derma roller treatmentGenerally, it took advantage of the human’s healing system. When a wound creates in our body, it immediately takes precautionary measures. It will start to produce excess collagen, protein and other elements.  Controlled skin injury is the key factor in this treatment. This what happens, when a derma roller is applied:

  • Skin naturally releases substances for skin growth
  • It increment blood circulation as new blood vessels originate.
  • Lastly, skin commence to produce more collagen

This procedure is largely applied to rectify skin diseases like skin pigmentation. It is also used to grow hair from deep roots or follicles.

However, a derma roller procedure must not be done under the following circumstances:

  • If you have bruised skin
  • During pregnancy
  • Having chronic blood clotting problems
  • Suffering from severe skin disease
  • Undergoing any medication

With the help of derma rolling, you can definitely expect better results. You can see better changes if you take care of what you eat or medicate on hair.

  • Always intake vitamin C and A in order to boost collagen production
  • Follow regular treatments such as weekly
  • Never ever share the device with others

Merits of a Derma Roller

derma roller treatment

  • It cleans the scalp and thereby  decreases infection and scars
  • Exfoliates the layer of derma plaque, which has dead cells, excess oil and DHT
  • Increment blood circulation 
  • Opens and unclogs hair follicles promising hair growth.
  • The scalp mixture can penetrate deeply assuring hair growth.

It is non-evasive, accessible and simple technique to grow your hair growth. Besides, hair growth is used in skin treatments. Dr.pai’s Hair Grow clinic, one of the best hair care services in Thrissur provides matchless hair care services for the needed. We believe in beauty and persona are two sides of the same coin. If one is deteriorated, one’s confidence also decreases. Our services not only includes Derma Roller, but also covers Beard PRP, hair transplant, LLT and Eyebrow transplant. We  are a team of experienced dermatologists and assistants. We can guarantee 100 % natural hair growth adopting derma rolling with us. It is painless and offers quick recovery. Wake up the rest of your life without worrying about hair loss or balding.

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